Introdcution to Education

Readings and Discussions: Facilitators will assign appropriate readings, research, etc.

Evaluating Research

You will learn how to differentiate and identify a variety of research processes.

Identifying Education Research Trends Activity

Students will be introduced to current topics in education research. This will help candidates develop skills in selecting a research topics for their own use. This will also introduce candidates to methods for accessing and browsing journal articles in online databases. A sampling of journals is listed below.

  • Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education
  • Educational Research Quarterly
  • Harvard Educational Review
  • Journal of Research in Childhood Education  
  • Multicultural Education
  • Reading Research Quarterly
  • Research in Education
  • Research in Middle Level Education Online
  • Teacher Education Quarterly
  • And many more.

Qualitative Research

[from Elder, N. C., & Miller, W. L. (1995). Reading and evaluating qualitative research studies.  Journal of Family Practice, 41(3), 279-285. Retrieved from]

  1. What is the study question?
  2. Is an appropriate research approach taken to the initial study question?
  3. What is the specific study design?
    1. Who are the participants and how are they chosen?
    2. How are the data collected?
    3. How are the data analyzed?
  1. Is the final study design appropriate for the study question?

Quantitative Research

Russell, C. L. (2005). Evaluating quantitative research reports. Nephrology Nursing Journal. Retrieved from

There is a very long list at the end of the article that could easily be adapted for this activity.

Byrne, M. M. (2001). Evaluating the findings of qualitative research. AORN Journal, 73 (3), 703-6. Retrieved from


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