scott.jpgMy name is Scott Le Duc. I have been a learner all of my life. I currently work at Capital High School as a Career and Technical Educator focusing on art and technology instruction, Generation YES as a curriculum developer and trainer for, and St. Martin’s University as an adjunct faculty working in the Masters in Teaching program. I am an autodidact. So, I am in the right profession.

This site is for others like myself that revel in relevant learning, enjoy effective teaching, participate in powerful presentations, and creative collaborative media. Most of all, for people who love what they do and do what they love. To Quote M.K. Gandhi, “My life is my message.”



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  1. Mike Mayo Says:


    Have a question. I have been chained to this computer for several hours now and all that I have learned is that all three of these “products” appear to be intuitive, aside from that there does not appear to be much else. Can’t find anything about add ons or bonus features, alignment seems to be possible, Migration of data does not seem to be an issue, they all seem to provide some sort of training/support, assessment seems to be alluded to) except for Curriculum mapper which seems to be happy to sell a gradebookm, and all of the research appears to be at least 8 yrs old. Am I finding what I am supposes to be finding, or am I just raising my blood pressure by being welded to a computer when I thought I was taking a course on curriculum development?

    Not a happy camper!

    Mike Mayo

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